Basket Girl

Took me three long hours, but I finally finished my print! :)

This is all hand drawn, I then scanned it and colored it with the Paint computer program.


Oh, boy!

Hello everyone. :)

There is a brand new blog I want everyone to look at. Her name is Makenzie and she posts fashion pictures, DIYs, etc. :) It's a very creative blog and I want ya'll to check it out for me, k? If you could please share both of these blogs on your Twitters, Facebooks, and other social networks that would be fabulous.



Hey everyone! I'm working on a shirt right now! :) I'm so excited I hope it comes out good :)



Hey everyone! So, I've started making pillows! Yes... pillows. :) I get better and better as time goes on but I'm selling the ones I've made at my grandmother's estate sale on Saturday= excited! :D

Here's an example of one:

like it?? :)



On my way to LA! :) inspiration here I come! :)) I will try to share my finds and purchases when I get home.



This is my first time posting so I just wanted to say hello! Please check out my "About Me" page for what this website exactly is... :)